Anxiety Relief

According to the “Anxiety and Depression Association of America” over 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffers from Anxiety, and even more disturbing 25% of children ages 13-18 also suffer from some anxiety disorder.  If this isn’t an epidemic, I don’t know what is!


*Attaches to the serotonin 5-HT1a receptors in lower-moderate doses

*Brings your Serotonin levels into a state of homeostasis

*Blocks CB1 receptros which causes a anxiogenic and panicolytic effects

               (just a fancy way to say produces anxiety and causes panic)

*Decreases stress related anxiety by reducing inflammation

*Combats and blocks THC side effects that cause paranoia, depression,and anxiety

*Regenerates neurocytes to rebuild your hippocampus

  • Longer sleep plus a better quality of sleep

  • Reach the REM state quicker and stay there longer

  • Yoga, working out, or any physical activity that will get the good mood hormones flowing

  • Have your mood neurotransmitter in normal range

  • Have an increased sense of calm

  • Find out you have more patience then you thought you had

  • Reduce number of panic attacks or spouts of anxiousness

  • Increasing your overall mood

  • Becoming more positive

  • No more nasty side effects from SSRI's and other prescribed pharmaceutical medications for anxiety

Things That Lead to Less Anxiety:

Don't worry, there's help at the end of the tunnel!



Reduces anxiety & stress

350mg Cbd bottle, 100mg cartridge, vape pen battery

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