On this site you will find some detailed information regarding Cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids from the sativa L plant. In the end, the fact remains, that you must do your own fact findings about this drug to see if it's something you think will benefit you or your animals. We will cover side effects stemming from using products containing cannabidnoids , pharmaceutical psychiatric , and regular pharmaceuticals. At any time you can jump from topic to topic and page to page to gather all the information we have to offer. Our information doesn't come from .com commercial sites that might be bias in the hopes of selling a product. In turn, we've spent countless hours reading real case studies that are published in medical journals to see how scientist rate and describe the wonders of Cannabidiol. Some of those case studies will be posted for your review.


Cannabis sativa L plant produces many cannabinoids, the most popular are Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabidiol.  There are similarities and many differences, the most being the effect delta 9-Thc has on your bodies central nervous system.  That effect mainly stems from the bodies rapid release of norepinephrine into circulation. A hyper active release of that neurotransmitter automatically gives you a magnification of thought and sensation because it engages larger than normal clusters of neurons, which in turns increases your adrenaline response.  The resulting factor is mild to an extreme sense of euphoria.  Due to the massive presence of adrenaline in your system, your norepinephrine levels fall significantly leaving you physically and mentally drained until your levels come back up. During this period, most users of Thc compounds experience psychosis events or even hallucinations. Some of Thc's most commen side effects are Paranoia, Serotonin depletion, mood swings, anxiety, and even depression.

Cannabidiol (Cbd) has none of the psychotropic effects, or side effects, that Thc users experience. Even though Thc and Cbd both come from the same part of the sativa plant, Cbd has zero psychoactive properties. Instead, cannabidiol works as an antagonist towards Thc molecules. Cbd binds to CB1 G-protein coupled receptors in your central nervous system and doesn't allow THC molecules to dock. By blocking those cell receptors, cannabidiol reverses or eliminates the effect of products that contain delta 9-Thc. The CB2 receptors are where cannabidiol shines and shows it's mighty strength. CB2 receptors are found mainly in the peripheral nervous system and the immune system. T-cells, B-cells, monocytes, mast cells, macrophages, hematopoietic cells, astrocytes, kupffer, and microglia cells house large amounts of CB2 receptors and bind nicely with the cannabidiol hormone. This is the main reason Cbd has excellent effects on a vast array of ailments that plague society, especially pain.  All ailments that stem from an exacerbated inflammatory loop cycle will see a significant benefit from cannabinoid administration. Two main cannabinoids would be Cbd, and Cbda. All of them have a substantial effect on reducing systematic inflammation. Most disease and "syndromes" stem from a continuous and overbearing immune response which would improve once reduced.

Cbd helps with pain by binding to CB2 receptors found throughout the newly discovered endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is highly active throughout the neuraxis of the thalamus and grey matter. The ECS is also very active in areas of the peripheral nervous system where CB1 stimulation reduces pain, inflammation, and hyperalgesia. Epilepsy patients are finding terrific relief from Cbd because it's antagonist affinity to the CB3 receptors (aka gpr55 receptors). By blocking those receptors in the brain, Cbd can reduce the duration and quantity of seizures a person has dramatically. 

 The main take away point from this is Cbd has powerful medical benefits which give you the ability to carry on productive daily life without pain from the crippling effects of hyper-inflammatory responses.


Healthy Humans, Healthy Pets will always strive to gather the most up to date information and bring it to you, our customer.  We believe once you can see the whole picture, it makes product decision making easier.  We feel a product without a shopping list of side effect is a better choice.  You take medications to improve your quality of life, not cut your years short. CANNABIDIOL (CBD) is the right choice for you and your family.  That includes your pets!  They depend on us to choose products that will not only help their symptoms but also increase their quality of life.   They deserve to be pain-free, and you better believe those animals will repay the favor tenfold!
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